The Color of Blood

Wish I Were Here

North Berwick, Scotland – September 2016

How high the walls of this castle are. How red the stone. Red: the color of the family that once dwelled within. The color of blood. My blood, diluted over the centuries by that of other tribes. Descendants dispersed in the winds of time. It’s just a name now: Douglas. A family ripped apart by rivalry. They became Red Douglases and Black Douglases. I have visited that other castle, in the Borders region. I wasn’t aware of the rift, then. Or to which line I belonged. It all comes down to color. Swarthy or ginger. Dark or light. Any heritage I claimed at Threave is erased and replaced by this intimidating structure. Tantallon.

The House that William Built, an information board proclaims. My mother and I exchange a look and snicker. William is the name of one of my brothers. She takes…

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San Diego

The U.S.S. Bennington—Part 1 After reading about the Bennington Memorial Oak Grove and discovering that it was a memorial to the USS Bennington, I went to Wikipedia to search for USS Bennington. There I discovered that another memorial to the 66 dead Bennington sailors was at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. It’s the tallest thing for […] … Continue reading San Diego

San Diego

One of the best things about this Internet-connected world is that I can subscribe to various sources to let me know what’s happening, what happened, and what’s going to happen. Recently I was informed by our weekly newsmagazine, the San Diego Reader, that the Bennington Memorial Oak Grove got a new entry sign. I had … Continue reading San Diego

It’s time to sell up and live on a boat…

Loving the Fifty Something

fullsizerenderSo since returning from our amazing time in Canada, we’ve been suffering from post holiday blues.  With a combination of getting straight back into work, the weather here being rubbish with storms, Doris & Ewen knocking us about and not a lot of money to do anything.  So we’ve been getting stuck into moving forward with our ‘Living the Dream’ plans – exciting, but a lot to do…

Basically we have a boat and we’ve decided it’s the right time to sell up and go live on her 🙂

We call the boat ‘Head in the Clouds’, she’s a broad beamed canal boat, 10′ wide by 55′ long to be precise – and we love her 🙂

fullsizeoutput_95dWe first bought her in 2002 as a rusty steel shell with nothing inside except a vast rusty space with no windows or doors.

It was so exciting and it was from that point that we wanted…

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Witches Stone, Monzie, Crieff, Perthshire

The Northern Antiquarian

Standing Stone:  OS Grid Reference – NN 87980 24321

Also Known as:

  1. Canmore ID 25448
  2. The Witches Stone & her crags to the rear The Witches Stone & her crags to the rear

    Kor Stone

Getting Here

Along the A822 road past Crieff and then Gilmerton, shortly past here is a small road to Monzie and the Glenturret Distillery or Famous Grouse Experience. Go on this road and after a just a coupla hundred yards you’ll see the large old gatehouse for Monzie Castle on the left. Ask at the gatehouse and they’ll point you to the stone—in the field about 300 yards past the Monzie stone circle, 200 yards past the gatehouse itself.  You can’t really miss it!

Archaeology & History

The southern flat face of the Witches Stone The southern flat face of the Witches Stone

This is a fascinating stone for a variety of reasons—not least of which it enabled us to identify an otherwise curious geological anomaly as an unerected standing stone some…

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