Republicans line up at the trough — THE SHINBONE STAR

One thing I learned this year is that prayer doesn’t work. I already knew that, so it wasn’t a shock or any such, just an affirmation, I suppose. My absolutely sound, unshakable foundation for this rock-solid postulation is the continued existence of Psycho Donald “Jerkoff” Trump, Oval Office Occupant, and the Republican Congress. The GOP … Continue reading Republicans line up at the trough — THE SHINBONE STAR


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This does not happen in America, until Donald Trump. About 200 disability activists, including some in wheelchairs, were arrested this week as Senate Republicans rushed to ram the Graham-Cassidy health care bill down the throats of voters, who overwhelmingly opposed it. Capitol police forcibly wheeled the activists out of the hearing room and herded them […] … Continue reading Opinion Page

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There are a lot of reasons to despise Donald Trump, but everyone who voted against him probably has one glaring issue that tops their list. Maybe for you it was something else, but for me it was racism. Once Trump made his call for a Great Wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, I didn’t need to […] … Continue reading Opinion Page