Thou shalt not mention gun control — THE SHINBONE STAR

It’s Sunday morning in America. Christians of every denomination are going to church, where they will no doubt offer prayers for the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting. They might even pray for the murderer who was able to mow down hundreds of people before ending his own life. But will they pray for […]…


Solstice of the Moon: Unfamiliar territory — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

It is raining again and about to get worse. You are in a suburban green space between neat-gardened houses, the last place you would expect to find an ancient treasure… and you are confronted with something both so alien and so hauntingly familiar, that it stops you in your tracks. A carved stone, covered in […]…

Witches Stone, Monzie, Crieff, Perthshire

The Northern Antiquarian

Standing Stone:  OS Grid Reference – NN 87980 24321

Also Known as:

  1. Canmore ID 25448
  2. The Witches Stone & her crags to the rear The Witches Stone & her crags to the rear

    Kor Stone

Getting Here

Along the A822 road past Crieff and then Gilmerton, shortly past here is a small road to Monzie and the Glenturret Distillery or Famous Grouse Experience. Go on this road and after a just a coupla hundred yards you’ll see the large old gatehouse for Monzie Castle on the left. Ask at the gatehouse and they’ll point you to the stone—in the field about 300 yards past the Monzie stone circle, 200 yards past the gatehouse itself.  You can’t really miss it!

Archaeology & History

The southern flat face of the Witches Stone The southern flat face of the Witches Stone

This is a fascinating stone for a variety of reasons—not least of which it enabled us to identify an otherwise curious geological anomaly as an unerected standing stone some…

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