Racism in America: Am I part of the problem?


Boy in a Dining Car by Norman Rockwell

It is a universal truth that a racist is an ignorant sort, both vile and evil. To be racist is to be embroiled in an ancient conspiracy that the color of every human’s outer layer of skin denotes inherent qualities of good and evil.

A racist perpetuates this conspiracy — always in his own favor. To the racist, the color of his skin means he is superior, both physically and intellectually, to people with a different skin tone. To the racist, melanin is a predictor of qualities, good and bad, and just by looking at people, he can deduce everything he needs to know. Black is bad. White is good.

Racists know this. Society perpetuates it, and the rest of us rail against it. Notions of race are perpetuated from infancy; we all tend to prefer our own. We feel more comfortable…

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