The fall of Fairness and the loss of Balance


It was noted in the last few days that there’s something different about Fox News.

If this turns out to be “fake news,” then I will accept that fact, but as I never, ever watch Fox News, I can only accept the stories as they appear.

How many of us have long rolled our eyes at the Rupert Murdoch-Roger Ailes enterprise’s holier-than-thou proclamation?

This “news” organization was/is proud to be a subsidiary of the Republican Party, and long before “fake news” became a thing it was Fox’s thing.

Roger Ailes always said that if his network proclaimed that it was delivering right-wing news, that would never work. So they delivered right-wing news and denied they were doing anything of the kind. As a matter of fact, they still are delivering right-wing news, and if you hear that they’re not, then that is “fake news” indeed.

But Ailes’ plan worked, and…

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