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The Alaska Highway – Dawson Creek to the Yukon

nomadruss in words and photos

On the 5th day from Alabama I arrived at Dawson Creek, and the official start of the Alaska Highway. RBT_1420-EditI received a respite from the snowy weather and enjoyed stopping and taking it all in as I drove along that late afternoon. RBT_1443-EditI took a side trip on the Old Alaska Highway and visited the historic Kiskatinaw Bridge, which crosses the Peace River, and was the first curved bridge to be engineered in Canada. RBT_1450-Edit.RBT_1460-Edit.RBT_1463-Edit.RBT_1472-Edit-2.RBT_1478-Edit.RBT_1499-EditPretty soon I was under the spell of the Yukon, while still in British Columbia, the long days beckoning me to drive on. This photo was made just before 8pm. I continued until just shy of Fort Nelson.RBT_1513-EditI awoke early the next morning, having bivvied in a pullout, made some coffee on my camp stove and started into Easter Sunday. I had no idea what a magical morning it would be…

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