Seeing the unexpected

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


“How did that happen?”

“Dunno. Time does stuff like that.”

“Behind your back?”


“That’s a bugger.”

“… and you don’t even notice…”

A friend paid me the compliment the other day of asking if I had reached fifty yet. My son almost immediately disposed of any lingering glow in which I might possibly have been basking, with his utterly horrified expression when he asked to be reminded of my age.

I remember, vividly, being so young I thought my mother ancient when she reached thirty! Yet at the age I was then some cultures would have had me married already with babies of my own, having already crossed the technical threshold into womanhood.

Thirty seems very young from here. It would now, my younger son is heading that way.

It is odd, really, how perception changes with perspective. And again, most of the time you don’t even notice. The…

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